Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pretty Talk #2: Under Eye Conclealer

My parents blessed me with pesky hereditary dark circles under my eyes and no amount of sleep or hydration will keep me from looking like a perpetual insomniac. If you suffer from the same unfortunate affliction I will give you some advice I learned the hard way that will save you hundreds of dollars: eye creams claiming that they will reduce the appearance of under eye circles simply do not work. Maybe if you only have them occasionally but certainly not if they are hereditary, the cold hard truth is you and I are just stuck with them. Sure, some have light reflecting properties that can help but those purple-blue half circles will never disappear. I've rounded up my favorites but please let me know if you have any to suggest!

If I won the lottery I would use YSL Touche Eclat exclusively. Unfortunately the price tag ($40) is quite hefty for something I blow through so quickly but it really is the best and the gold pen looks pretty fly on my vanity. It's super light and sheer yet somehow manages to cover everything I have to hide. Every makeup artist swears by it, enough said.

Laura Mercier makes amazing cosmetics, especially the concealers and loose powder. The Secret Concealer is what I'm currently using and always seem to go back to. It's somewhat affordable, $22 for a tiny little pot but a little goes a long way. The Secret Concealer is super creamy and is great for ladies with dry skin, eliminating unsightly creases. Tip: don't let any sales girl pressure you into buying the special brush, all you need is your ring finger.

I had to throw a drugstore option in here and the Neutrogena Skin Soothing Under Eye Corrector is the best I've found. Comparable to Touche Eclat but much more palatable to those on a budget at $9.59! The only drawback being you have to apply more to get the right coverage so I end up going through it pretty quickly, plus the click wand is not as fancy as the YSL version so most of the product ends up at the base of the brush. However, it's still a bargain and contains soothing properties that eliminate puffiness. Just ignore the brush and apply with your finger instead!


belle said...

The dark circles aren't with me all the time, though they do love me every morning after I've had some fun. Charming. Should get a salvation for the problem.

Juliet xxx

susie_bubble said...

I buy my YSL Touche Eclat in bulk in duty free....I find using too much makes your eyes look a little odd though...

Juliet said...

Belle is me, i have too many emails.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

I used the YSL regularly and then tried Clinique airbrush concealer when the store was out of the YSL. It is less expensive and works just as well--maybe better!

fashion blah blah said...

i have the same problem...no cream with so-called magic properties seems to work for my dark undereye circles and i still haven't find the perfect concealer so i'm gonna try to use one of your suggestions!

arianeontour said...

Shiseido Optimal Cover Concealer is the best/longest lasting stuff I've ever used. about $22 bucks. My mother is a makeup artist, so I've literally tried everything. It goes on a bit thick so you have to have a light touch, but it stays all day and one pot last me 6mon-1yr, although I would recommend tossing it before that long for hygenic reasons.

La Clocharde said...

Have you tried the Benefit one?
It's really good, covers very well and it's not too thick. Besides, the packaging is soooo cute, girlie and old style (as all the ones from Benefit).
The "BUT"...it's a bit pricey.

ed said...



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Sarah Hall said...

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