Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chelsea & Joanna's Fantasy Apartment

I am so excited to move out of my crappy studio apartment, especially because I will now be living with fellow Cat Partyer Joanna and our new apartment will be off the chain. Plus we wear the same shoe size so our footwear options will expand exponentially. Maybe I can even convince her to let me borrow her hot pink Comme des Garçons heels sometime. That would be cool. Joanna and I also share a passion for decorating, and thankfully our taste in décor is eerily similar. Unfortunately our fresh-out-of-college budgets limit us to Ikea and thrift stores, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

These Jeremy Scott wall decals would be perfect for our poodles in space-themed kitchen. $110 @ Domestic


We could hang out and watch Lost DVDs while sitting in our matching alligator chairs. Price Upon Request @ Moss

This giant French Donkey Skin poster would look totally fab hanging over our sofa. $90 @ Posteritati

Our bathroom really needs this Lisa Yuskavage shower curtain. And maybe an actual Lisa Yuskavage painting. $1,500 @ Artware Editions

This rug would be perfect for the office space that we intend to use as a closet. $1,792 @ Twinkle Living

All mirrors should wear high heels, don’t you think? $106 @ Domestic


ambika said...

Such cool finds! The rug is too cool and the mirror makes me think of Henson's creatures.

I actually saw Donkey Skin in the theater a few years back. That movie is like being on drugs.

Kira Fashion said...

really cool :)

a kiss

susie_bubble said...

Perfect...I'm moving out too and needed some interior inspirations...


I bought Donkey Skin recently on DVD...have you seen it? I've heard it's supposed to be really inspirational, but I'd love your opinion!? Cx

Chelsea said...

I have seen donkey skin, it is really inspirational. What could be cooler than Catherine Deneuve in a giant poofy princess gown? NOTHING. Not to mention the fact that Delphine Seyrig is in it. You should watch it immediately.

choubelle said...

haha! All of your choices are so quirky and hilarious...they make me smile. :)