Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mag Hag: Wooooo magazine

Are you curious to know if David Byrne thinks that pottery is a legitimate art form? If you answered yes then you should click this link immediately and purchase the current issue of Wooooo magazine. Wooooo is an interview-based magazine, kind of like Interview magazine, only less boring. It’s also kind of like Butt, minus all the gay stuff. It’s basically the funniest magazine that I have ever encountered. If you are really depressed you should just buy Wooooo and you probably won’t be depressed anymore. It’s also great for long bus rides, bathroom reading, and waiting in line at sample sales. And just when I thought that I couldn’t love Wooooo more, they make a t-shirt with cats eating tacos on it. CATS EATING TACOS!



Megan said...

omg cats eating tacos??? that must be what heaven is like.

cake. said...

a dream come true!

Cheap Furniture Burbank said...

Wooooo always has most interesting illustrations and pictures.