Thursday, March 6, 2008

People We Love: Ver Sacrum

Canadians are the best! My favorite Canadians are Dave Coulier and my friends Laura and Trevor, who have recently formed a band called Ver Sacrum (pronounced Ver SAKE-rum). Dave Coulier in not in the band, fyi. Many of you are probably familiar with Laura, who writes for No Good For Me. She’s the girl who always manages to reference the Beatles in every single one of her posts. I lived with her for two years so you can imagine how Beatles-centric my life was. The other half of Ver Sacrum is her boyfriend Trevor, who resembles a young John Kerry (in the best possible sense) and has a really good sweater collection. They look like they walked straight out of an Elizabeth Peyton painting, although I’m sure that neither of them would appreciate that reference. But whatev, they’re cute and their music is really good too. I can't write about music to save my life, so you'll just have to visit their myspace page, where you can download their songs and be their friend and do other cool myspace activities. And yes, there is a Beatles cover.



heather said...

I just love no good for me (I read it almost as often as cat party) and now I just love ver sacrum

la femme said...

very cool.

Secret Diary said...

John Kerry is hot. total compliment.