Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cat Fancy #7: The Pete Doherty Edition

If animals could talk, what would they say? Judging by the expression on this kitten’s face, it would probably say, “Get me the fuck away from Pete Doherty.” It probably heard about how Pete Doherty made that other cat smoke crack. Or how he threw a joint at those penguins at the zoo and one of them ate it. Total waste of a joint, by the way. Anyway, this photo is from Hedi Slimane’s diary, which I check every three months or so despite the fact that it’s always the same: acne-faced teenagers, stereo equipment, stalker-y amounts of Pete Doherty, etc. But this time I found the aforementioned kitten photo and some nice snaps of Kate Moss, whose nipples I should have censored for this blog. Sorry about that—but I just can’t be bothered. Who hasn’t seen Kate Moss’ nipples anyway? My mom has probably seen them a few thousand times. If you are a child and have been scarred for life because I failed to censor Kate Moss’ nipples, or if you are an adult and you got fired from your job for reading Cat Party when you should have been working and now everybody thinks that you're a pervert, please leave a comment and I promise it won’t happen again.



heather said...

outch. my eyes, MY EYES!!!

Ace said...

I'm pretty sure everyone at my office has seen Kate Moss's nipples a few thousand times as well so they'll survive. And the only child I worry about being scarred is her poor daughter. How terrifying.

Mariel said...

This made me laugh!

Addison said...

hahah loved this post! do you think there is someone out there who havent seen Kate Moss's nipples? I am happy for her that she's so proud of them and they are pretty, but when is it enough?


david said...

i've been fired from my job chelsea because of kate moss's nipples. kate moss's nipples ignite anger and resentment amongst all. do
NOT let this happen again.

MULANNE said...

that kittens face really is priceless though!