Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Book Club: Native Funk & Flash

Growing up in northern California, I always thought that hippies were pretty gross. But after moving to a metropolitan area I developed an appreciation for patchwork skirts, cannabis motifs, embroidered denim, and all things crafty. But not patchouli. Never patchouli. Native Funk & Flash by Alexandra Jacopetti is the quintessential hippy fashion book. It features the work of obscure bay area designers from the seventies, most notably Kaisik Wong, whose patchwork vest was famously plagiarized by Nicholas Ghesquiere. I suspect that Miuccia Prada also drew inspiration from Wong for her S/S 08 accessory collection for Miu Miu. I am most impressed with Mary Ann Schildkenecht’s psychedelic shirt. Look at it---the ENTIRE thing is embroidered! She made it out of bed sheets while serving a two year jail sentence for smuggling hash. But anyhoo, Native Funk & Flash is long out of print so I recommend checking ebay stat. Peace Out!

Linda Bacon

Mary Ann Schildkenecht

Laurel Burch


Kaisik Wong


susie_bubble said...

Fascinating stuff.... interesting that a book came out covering these quite 'period-specific, geo-specific' designers.... I'll have to try and seek it out!

theuglyearring said...

great great post. thank you so much for the introduction!

Megan said...

chelsea i'm going to have to defend patchouli. it smells great in my Prada perfume, as well as my Paul and Joe perfume. it does not smell good when the sticky hippies run to moonrise herbs and buy a bottle of the straight-up oil and dump it on themselves, creating an nasty BO patchouli funkadellic combo. i'm sorry they ruin it for the world, took me a while to get past the stigma.

Secret Diary said...

i NEED this book. all this handmade stuff is amazingly intricate and highly chic. thanks ladies!
ps- thanks for the patchouli perfume tip, megan.

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Linda said...

My copy of "Native Funk and Flash" was purchased in 1975 and will NEVER leave my bookshelf. As one who embroiders, it is a relentless source of inspiration for me. It is a true testament to the spirit of creativity. I only wish Alexandra Jacopetti had done a 2nd,
3rd, 4th book!!! - Linda Meleck

ed said...




Valerie said...

OMG!!! I had a copy of this book years and years ago! I found it in a thrift store. With a lot of moving and such, it somehow got lost. I bought the book because of the photos and the talent within. Living in Northern California..Humboldt County and being an artist myself and having been part of the '60's, I can relate to things in this book. Hey has anyone noticed the Laurel Burch is one of the featured artists in Native Funk and Flash??
Be cool,

Valerie said...

OMG!!! I had this book years and years ago. I found it in a thrift store, really liked the photos and bought it for about 50 cents or so. In all the years moving around it got lost. I wanted to see if I could locate any kind of info about it..and voila! I found this site. Coming from the '60's myself and being an artist, I can relate to a lot of the stuff I found in the book. I also live in Northern California...Humboldt County to be exact. Wow! I wish I still had my copy of Native Funk and Flash. Hey did anyone notice that Laurel Burch is in the book???? Now that really says something!
Be cool,