Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Russian Bride Attractive?

This is from the last issue of Wig. magazine (yes, I'm lazy). Like any other normal American, I've always had a thing for Russian brides. So polite and well-mannered... until you actually marry them. Anyway, I think this spread is totally cute, especially because all the quotes (including spelling errors) were taken from genuine Ukrainian and Russian bride websites. превосходно!!!

Mine dear, Im glad to meet you. At concurrence of vital positions and satisfaction each other in the morally emotional plan we will be happy...Mine dear, Im glad to meet you. At concurrence of vital positions and satisfaction each other in the morally emotional plan we will be happy...

I cannot forgive offence (I know it is bad, but nevertheless...)

He is kind, clever, financially independent, likes music, he respects interests of his beloved. I hope for a meeting with a man from Italy.

While I'm on the subject, I'll go ahead and take the opportunity to give a shout-out to my favorite Russian bride in the media, Natasha from America's Next Top Model Cycle 8! I was so distraught when she crapped out in the end, leaving "skeletor" to take the prize. You're better off without them, Nata!

p.s. I'm being a nerd for Halloween. Get it? HA!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

In Search of Russh

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Everyone and their mother has been asking me where they can buy Russh magazine in New York. I have been franticly searching myself ever since Universal News discontinued it last summer. Thankfully, I have finally found an alternate vendor, here is the info:

Casa Magazines
22 8th Avenue (on the corner of 12th)

Due to high demand, copies of Russh are often sold out, but you can always ask the guys that work there when their next shippment is coming in. They are totally chill. Casa Magazines also sells copies of T Magazine for $3, which is really convenient because sometimes I just can't deal with lugging around a 10,000 pound newspaper.

Fashion on Film: Lagerfeld Confidential

Last night I headed to the Film Forum to check out the new Karl Lagerfeld documentary, Lagerfeld Confidential. And may I just say, Karl Lagerfeld is crazy hilarious! Or maybe just plain crazy. Here are some things that I learned:

- He has a mantle devoted to ipods
- He can’t sleep without holding this weird ratty pillow to his stomach
- He was sexually assaulted by a couple as a teenager (but thinks it’s kind of funny in retrospect)
- He has a table devoted to silver knuckle rings (see below)
- Despite saying that he is no longer interested in sex, he is constantly taking homoerotic photographs of this male model who accompanies him everywhere. (also, see below)
- He describes his childhood self as “the male Shirley Temple”
- There is a sign in the Chanel bathroom that says, “Pissing everywhere isn’t very Chanel”

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And here's the trailer:

Lagerfeld Confidential is playing at the Film Forum through November 6th.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fashion on Film: Lesbian Vampire Chic!

Lesbian vampire movies are the best! Yes, most of them are crappy and low budget and portray women in the worst possible light, but I just can’t get enough! The lesbian vampire genre flourished during the seventies, primarily in the form of cheesy sexploitation flicks. However, there are some really great gems from the era, my personal faves being Vampyros Lesbos (1970) and Daughters of Darkness (1971). The Hunger (1983) is also worth watching, if not just for Catherine Deneuve’s amazing Yves Saint Laurent costumes. I suggest that you rent all three and make a night of it.

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How gorgeous is Soledad Miranda? She died in a car crash two weeks after Vampyros Lesbos premiered.

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That chick that Delphine Seyrig is seducing looks way too much like Anne Coulter. Anne Coulter is so gross! I hate Anne Coulter! Creepy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cheap Chic: Chadwicks???

I used to receive the Chadwick's catalog when I was younger and I can remember always making fun of it. When I was 12 I had no right to be making fun of pretty much anything fashion related, I cringe at old photos of myself wearing Clueless-inspired flops and ill fitting baby tees. The other day I decided to visit the website of the aforementioned leader of twin-sets and slacks, if anything to get a chuckle and play the "if you had to buy one thing" game. Much to my surprise (and perhaps dismay?) I actually was attracted to a few things in the accessory department, but for the most part the clothing was so bad I couldn't click away fast enough. I'd recommend a peek if you're hard-up for cash and looking for some seriously inexpensive buys. Hey, at least you know no one in your age group/friend circle will show up to the party in the same dress as you!

Retro Sheath Dress $44.99
(reminds me of that one Development
Dress I'm still kicking myself for
not buying)

Tie-Neck Knit Dress $59.99
(hack off the bottom, add some tights et voila!)

Kiltie T-Strap Heels $39.99
(ok I actually really like these)

Patent Belt $59.00
(i'm a sucker for gold hardware)

Velvet Sneakers $34.00
(jk! However, totally useful if
you're planning on dressing up
as a Golden Girl for Halloween)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Video!

Her collection is so 90's. Total Sassy material.

Built By Wendy 3-Day Online Sale!

I can't believe what just popped into my inbox! Can it be true? A Built By Wendy online discount code? This is seriously blog-worthy, online discount codes are few and far fact I can't remember the last time I received one from Built By Wendy. My resentment for those living in NY and LA that are honored with multiple in-store sales a year has subsided, at least until next season. I'll be purchasing these completely necessary items later today, leaving me to eat saltine crackers for the rest of the week. Oh well!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Acconci on the Brain!

I am so excited! Vito Acconci is coming to speak at my school on November 1st! I can barely wait to see him in person! Acconci is a super multi-talented artist and he semi-recently collaborated with one of my favorite labels, United Bamboo, to design their flagship store in Tokyo. The store is somehow constructed of metal mesh and covered on the inside with PVC. I don't know much about architecture but this structure totally baffles me. To read more about the store and some of Vito Acconci's other architectural work, you can go here! Now, here are some of the pictures I could find of the United Bamboo store:

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And, just for fun, here is a video of Acconci conversing with David Byrne. Weird.

Fun Tidbit

You can listen to the music that Daft Punk mixed for the Louis Vuitton S/S '08 show HERE.


EDIT: Sorry guys, the link to the music seems to be expired! I hope you got to enjoy it while you could! I will look for it again and re-post if I find it!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tori Amos: Fashion Icon?

I am fully aware of the fact that it isn’t “cool” to like Tori Amos, just like it wasn’t “cool” to like Kate Bush until about five seconds ago. I for one have always loved her music and sense of style, which has been unjustly overlooked by the fashion press for years. Below are some fan photos from her current world tour. How amazing are those sequined jumpsuits? Can anyone tell me who made them?

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photos via

Friday, October 12, 2007

Marc Jacobs' Apartment

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Photographed by Philip-Lorca diCorcia in the November issue of W. How rad is his art collection?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Courtney Love: I've been trying to design clothes and shit

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Let me just say, I love Courtney Love. I love her. But I just can't get behind the idea of her designing clothes. Velvet babydoll dresses and granny cardigans maybe, but ever since the grunge era her sense of style has lacked focus. And that nasty pink tweed skirt suit that she wore to a court date a few years back was completely unforgivable. But I should probably cut her some slack on that one, she was probably really, really high. Read the full story at British Vogue

A New Place to Keep Your Things!

As soon as I saw this Chanel anklet fannypack cute little baby purse, all I could think about (besides how incredible those shoes are) was those alcohol monitoring systems that are soooo hot amongst celebs lately. Lohan, Eve, and Michelle Rodriguez (whose feet are pictured below) have all rocked those anklets. If only those Chanel bags were a penalty for doing bad things...I would break the law all the time!! The ankle seems like a great location to keep things! I should try to start saving for one of those now...

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André is so hot right now

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I can’t open a freaking magazine these days without seeing a (seriously homoerotic) photo of André Saraiva. He’s on the cover of Purple. He’s hanging with Raquel Zimmermann in Paris Vogue. He’s decked out in Dior Homme in Fantastic Man. He is fashion’s newest “it” boy which begs the question, who the hell is André? As it turns out, Andre is a graffiti artist/ nightlife empresario. He co-owns the Beatrice Inn in Manhattan and Le Baron and Paris Paris in (where else?) Paris. He is apparently the coolest person ever and maybe BFF of Terry Richardson, who photographed him for all of the aforementioned magazines. I don’t get what all of the fuss is about but I’m kind of digging his gay (but not actually gay) leather daddy look. Thoughts?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Everyone Loves A Discount Code!

Le Train Bleu is offering 25% off with this magical discount code! I suggest you get a move on as orders have been piling in, check out some of my favorite things:

12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Belt
$105.00 $78.75

Ulla Johnson Imogen Dress
$319.00 $239.50

Eskell Luella Skirt
$233.00 $174.75

Bi La Li Trench Cape
392.00 $294.00


Monday, October 1, 2007

Separated At Birth

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Left: Kanye West. Right: Terry Richardson.

I wonder if Mr.West thought he could get away with such an obvious reference to Terry Richardson when he wore those glasses and that flannel at the Christian Dior show earlier today. Maybe it slid past other people; but no, not past me! As soon as I saw that picture of him, all I could think of was "UGH Kanye, come on." We all know how much I love Terry Richardson, and I guess now that I think about it, who wouldn't want to rip him off? Plenty of people already do. But this just really isn't working for me.