Sunday, November 4, 2007

Book Club: Rare Bird of Fashion

So I guess I should start this post by apologizing for my severe lack of blogging lately. It is really inexcusable! But I'm back now! And I would like to share with you some of my favorite pages from this great book I just got: Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel. Iris Apfel had, and still does have, the greatest style and way of mixing and matching totally different things. But I will keep my intro short and sweet and let the pictures speak for themselves!

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Left: Dior Haute Couture jacket (2000), Yves Saint Laurent Trousers (1989), Qing Dynasty chest ornament. Right: Lanvin Haute Couture cocoon wrap (1983), Navajo necklaces (1930s), Romeo Gigli Shoes (1980s).

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Left: Oscar De La Renta jacket (2000.) Right: Tunisian tunic, Givenchy necklaces (1970s.)

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Left: 19th Century Indan necklace. Right: 1970s Nepalese cape, Gianfranco Ferre skirt.

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Flea Marke find circa 2000. I wonder if Moschino got inspiration from this for their doggie purse!?

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Left: Jean Paul Gaultier jumpsuit (1990), Belt made by Iris Apfel with South American tin fish. Right: Normal Norell coat (1962), Kenzo boots (1990.)

Buy Rare Bird of Fashion at Amazon.

Learn more about the show that this book came from here.


Samantha Best said...


Anonymous said...

More scans PLEASE!!!! It's lovely!!!

Discount Designer Shopper said...

When I missed the original exhibit at the Met's Costume Institute, I joyfully pretended that I was there with this book. I am so happy to be able to see the exhibit in person this summer at the Nassau Country Art Museum. Thank the shopping gods at Loehamnn's, they are sponsoring s NEW exhibit of Iris Apfel's fantastic wardrobe that claims to have even more articles from Iris' collections! While the book is great.. I bet it is even better in person!
Such inspiration... Iris trully claims her fame as an original fashion icon. In these times of cookie cutter fashions, her abilty to transform the everyday into something trully amazing over decades and still look completely contemorary, yet always herself. This book book injects new hope into any humdrum closet and provides hope for the shopping addict in all of us who has a wardrobe busting at the seems.

elliepoo said...

busting at the SEAMS, not seems


ed said...



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