Sunday, October 28, 2007

In Search of Russh

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Everyone and their mother has been asking me where they can buy Russh magazine in New York. I have been franticly searching myself ever since Universal News discontinued it last summer. Thankfully, I have finally found an alternate vendor, here is the info:

Casa Magazines
22 8th Avenue (on the corner of 12th)

Due to high demand, copies of Russh are often sold out, but you can always ask the guys that work there when their next shippment is coming in. They are totally chill. Casa Magazines also sells copies of T Magazine for $3, which is really convenient because sometimes I just can't deal with lugging around a 10,000 pound newspaper.


Minh said...

Yah but uhm where can I find this magazine in Portland huh? I heard it's the new hot shit and would love to peep it.

Megan said...

hi minh!
you can find russh at rich's. haven't seen the new issue yet, i think there's always a delay on the west coast. should be there soon though! russh is fantastic!

The Girl Who Cried Wolf said...

Luckliy i live in australia to find a russh magazine around the corner store but if you are having trouble finding it,the best way to visit the website and subscribe.