Sunday, October 7, 2007

Courtney Love: I've been trying to design clothes and shit

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Let me just say, I love Courtney Love. I love her. But I just can't get behind the idea of her designing clothes. Velvet babydoll dresses and granny cardigans maybe, but ever since the grunge era her sense of style has lacked focus. And that nasty pink tweed skirt suit that she wore to a court date a few years back was completely unforgivable. But I should probably cut her some slack on that one, she was probably really, really high. Read the full story at British Vogue


Jessica said...

She doesn't even look like the same person...nice blog!

The Couture Doll said...

Yea, you're right.

It doesn't go well together.
Hmm. Linked you by the way, its a great blog, rather inspiring! (:

the ugly earring said...

just last year she was wearing uggs and hanging out at the beverly center!

i totally love your blog. and have linked too.

Emma said...

Hahaha! God I love you Chel. Tori Amos tomorrow! I hope she wears the American flag jumpsuit!!!