Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cheap Chic: Chadwicks???

I used to receive the Chadwick's catalog when I was younger and I can remember always making fun of it. When I was 12 I had no right to be making fun of pretty much anything fashion related, I cringe at old photos of myself wearing Clueless-inspired flops and ill fitting baby tees. The other day I decided to visit the website of the aforementioned leader of twin-sets and slacks, if anything to get a chuckle and play the "if you had to buy one thing" game. Much to my surprise (and perhaps dismay?) I actually was attracted to a few things in the accessory department, but for the most part the clothing was so bad I couldn't click away fast enough. I'd recommend a peek if you're hard-up for cash and looking for some seriously inexpensive buys. Hey, at least you know no one in your age group/friend circle will show up to the party in the same dress as you!

Retro Sheath Dress $44.99
(reminds me of that one Development
Dress I'm still kicking myself for
not buying)

Tie-Neck Knit Dress $59.99
(hack off the bottom, add some tights et voila!)

Kiltie T-Strap Heels $39.99
(ok I actually really like these)

Patent Belt $59.00
(i'm a sucker for gold hardware)

Velvet Sneakers $34.00
(jk! However, totally useful if
you're planning on dressing up
as a Golden Girl for Halloween)


WendyB said...

LOL @ velvet sneakers.

Veronica Sawyer said...

UhHH- those shoes make me want to kill myself

david said...

hahahaha a golden girl indeed

Emma said...

Hahaha. Oh the Clueless days! Oh Megan! What fun we had being cooler than everyone else.