Sunday, October 14, 2007

Acconci on the Brain!

I am so excited! Vito Acconci is coming to speak at my school on November 1st! I can barely wait to see him in person! Acconci is a super multi-talented artist and he semi-recently collaborated with one of my favorite labels, United Bamboo, to design their flagship store in Tokyo. The store is somehow constructed of metal mesh and covered on the inside with PVC. I don't know much about architecture but this structure totally baffles me. To read more about the store and some of Vito Acconci's other architectural work, you can go here! Now, here are some of the pictures I could find of the United Bamboo store:

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And, just for fun, here is a video of Acconci conversing with David Byrne. Weird.


Anonymous said...

joana. this is david. please blog more. cat party is now in my list of sites i visit like 15 times a day.

joanna said...

david! spell my name right!